September 22, 2023 @ 8:00 pm
Rio Rancho Events Center
3001 Civic Center Circle NE

Los Temerarios Farewell





Los Temerarios announce their retirement at the end of this tour.

“With the love that has united us since we were children, the same we feel for the vocation that we have had the privilege of practicing and sharing for more than 46 years, we want to inform you that we have made the difficult decision to separate musically, closing one of the more cycles important and rewarding of our lives.”
“For this reason, the guided tour for the months of September 2023 to November 2024 will be the last one we offer together and will do it with the same love and respect we have always done.
With the intention to thank our audience for all their love of which we will be eternal bearers, the dates already scheduled for September and November 2023 will be preserved and then offer concerts in Mexico, the United States and some Central and South America countries during 2024.”
“We are eternally grateful to the audiences who have so generously welcomed our music into their hearts and who have been the engine and inspiration of our career. To the media, who have supported us with respect and integrity all these years. To the promoters and collaborators who are part of this project, whose mission is to expand our music made in honor of love, magic and mystery that unites us and gives meaning to life.”
“Everything we will express from this moment on will be through our music on the stages of our upcoming concerts where we will be offering our best.”
With deep gratitude,
Adolfo Angel Alba and Gustavo Angel Alba
“Con el amor que nos ha unido desde que éramos niños, mismo que sentimos por la vocación que hemos tenido el privilegio de ejercer y compartir por más de 46 años, les queremos comunicar que hemos tomado la difícil decisión de separarnos musicalmente, cerrando así uno de los ciclos más importantes y gratificantes de nuestras vidas.”
“Por tal motivo, la gira pautada para los meses de septiembre de 2023 a noviembre 2024 será la última que ofreceremos juntos y la haremos con el mismo amor y respeto con el que siempre lo hemos hecho.
Con la intención de agradecer a nuestro público todo su cariño del que seremos eternos portadores, las fechas ya programadas para septiembre y noviembre 2023 serán conservadas y luego ofreceremos conciertos en México, Estados Unidos y algunos países de Centro y Sudamérica durante el 2024.”
“Estamos eternamente agradecidos al público que tan generosamente ha acogido nuestra música en sus corazones y quienes han sido el motor e inspiración de nuestra carrera. A los medios de comunicación, que nos han apoyado con respeto e integridad durante todos estos años. A los promotores y colaboradores quienes son parte de este proyecto, cuya misión es expandir nuestra música hecha en honor a el amor, la magia y el misterio que nos une y le da sentido a la vida.”
“Todo lo que expresaremos a partir de este momento será a través de nuestra música en los escenarios de nuestros próximos conciertos donde estaremos ofreciendo lo mejor de nosotros.”
Con profunda gratitud,
Adolfo Ángel Alba y Gustavo Ángel Alba

Adolfo & Gustavo are one of the most transcendent and important groups of Spanish romantic music in the past four decades.  More than 50 million records sold, 19 productions and innumerable awards and recognitions, support the trajectory of this legendary group, founded by producer, composer and musician Adolfo Angel Aba, and performer, composer and musician Gustavo Angel Alba, owner of one of the most forceful voices with a great variety of nuances.  The sum of these talents is: Los Temerarios.

Los Temerarios brothers Adolfo & Gusavo

The live show of Los Temerarios is one of the most acclaimed shows in countries like Mexico, the United States, and Central and South America, and it continues to be sold out year after year.  Their emblematic repertoire full of greatest hits makes their audience wait for their concerts like the first day, forty years later.

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