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Safety Guidelines

The following outline of Patron Screening Guidelines at the Rio Rancho Events Center is our commitment to minimize risk and safeguard all who enter our facility.

This venue requires screening for everyone entering the facility during event preparations and the event.  This includes employees, contractors, vendors, teams/performers, concessionaires, suppliers, media and official patrons and ticket holders.

The level of search detail will depend on the threat to the venue as determined by the appropriate venue personnel. This may include Pat Down, Metal Detection and/or Bag Search.  Screening of patrons is voluntary. However, failure to allow screening will result in denial of entry.

Proper Behavior is expected from all of our guests. Obscene language or gestures, abusive/rowdy behavior and physical confrontation will not be tolerated at our facility and will be cause for ejection and/or arrest.  Patrons making threatening statements will be taken seriously and immediately referred to law enforcement due to the potential of a violation of federal law.


Currently, patrons attending events at the Rio Rancho Events Center do not require a vaccine to enter the facility. However, if the artists or touring act requires vaccines or negative tests for entry then vaccine proof or a negative test within a certain time frame must be shown to enter the facility. This can change at anytime at the venue’s, artist’s, or government’s discretion.  Masks are available for use if requested and social distancing is encouraged where possible.  ALL PROCEDURES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE DEPENDING ON EACH PARTICULAR EVENT.  


 These items are searched and/or prohibited from our facility.  Not limited to the following items:

  • Outside Food and Beverage including Alcohol
  • Backpacks and oversized Bags (Diaper Bags are allowed)
  • Briefcases and Luggage
  • Purses (Purses smaller than a 12”x12” and clear bags are allowed)
  • Bottles, Cans, Coolers & Liquid Containers
  • Illegal or prohibited Substances or paraphernalia
  • Fireworks & Other Projectiles
  • Laser Pointers, Markers, & Aerosol Cans
  • Weapons of any type including Pocketknives, Firearms, Chain Wallets, or any item that could be construed to become a weapon, including selfie sticks etc.
  • Noise-making devices (i.e.) horns, whistles, etc.
  • Umbrellas
  • Inflatable Objects (Beach Balls, etc.)
  • Large banners, Signs, & Stickers
  • Animals
  • Any other items may be added and/or deleted from the list as needed per event or required by Event Promoters


Any other items may be added and/or deleted from the list as needed per event or required by Event Promoters.